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Le Brun Servenay

Established in 1933 with 8 hectares of vineyards predominately in Avize with small parcels in Cramant and Oger. Patrick Le Brun is a fastidious producer whose Champagnes are classic examples of Grand Cru Avize terroir.




This is a very serious grower- Patrick Le Brun was the former president of the Syndicat General des Vignerons (SGV). A position which is elected by the growers. The SGV's main tasks are to defend the appellation, provide technical assistance, set standards policies and procedures and represent he growers at a national and regional level. Needless to say- to be elected to this position you'd have to be one hell of a winemaker and command respect from your peers. Very little of le Brun Servenay's Champagne was previously exported with most going to direct customers and restaurants.


With three sons going through the Lycee wine school- Patrick realises that he needs to expand his markets and create an ongoing legacy for his next generation With 100% Grand Cru fruit, there are few producers that offer such an incredible quality/price ratio. The wines do not go through malolactic fermentation giving a mineral vibrancy and freshness. It is surprising that wines are not more widely known and fly under the radar of most reviewers. Once tried however, you can't help but become an instant convert.



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