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Established in 1868, Canard-Duchene are situated in the countryside of Ludes, in the Montagne de Reims National Park. 

In 1860, a barrel-maker called Victor Canard met a winemaker called Léonie Duchêne. They fell madly in love and got married. They both shared a great passion for wine and so they worked collaboratively to produce their own unique Champagne. Using Victor's skills in farming grapes and ageing wines in barrels and Léonie's expertise in wine-tasting and viniculture, they produced a high class Champagne only 8 years after they met. Only a couple with a bond as close as Victor and Leonie's could produce such a well-received debut Champagne, and it is a credit to both of them that Leonie was able to work in the wine industry during a time when the role of women was largely consigned to household duties. Both Victor and Léonie put their surnames together to create ‘Canard-Duchêne’..



In 1890, Victor and Léonie's son Edmond brought international fame to the Champagne House. He even penetrated the very close circle of the suppliers to the Court of Tsar Nicolas II of Russia. After Edmond secured a contract to be the official supplier of Champagne to the Romanov king, Canard-Duchêne adopted the Russian Imperial coat of arms as part of its logo, the two-headed eagle. The symbol of the two-headed eagle is itself steeped in history: it is one of the oldest symbols of the duality of power of the emperor over both the state and the church, dating right back to the Byzantine period. The crowned two-headed eagle has thus appeared on every Canard-Duchen label since then.



 For the last 20 years Canard-Duchêne has made a commitment to sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly production techniques. The House recently launched an 'Authentic Green' initiative wherein they produced a Champagne made solely from organically-grown grapes. This has been especially important during a time of conspicuous consumption where consumers question the origins of the products they purchase. According to the Canard-Duchêne website, "No words can express Canard-Duchêne's commitment to authentic organic principles better than its own hallmark 'Naturellement Noble'. 'Naturellement' contains the word 'Nature' which suggests love, respect and protection of Nature. 'Noble' conveys a feeling of greatness, generosity and responsibility".




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