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Chaine d'Etoiles

Chaine d'Etoiles is a buyers brand created by Jean Pierre Marniquet




Champagne J.P Marniquet is now in its third generation of winemakers since 1929. At that time many winegrowers would simply sell their grapes on to the " Grandes Marques ".

After few years of a slump in sales and very low market prices, some growers, one of which was Pierre Coutelas , Grand father of J.P Marniquet, decided to have a go at making their own wine.

The vineyards are located in Venteuil, a village on the chalky slopes of the Marne Valley's right bank,10 km west of Epernay which were suited perfectly to the venture.

In 1974, in keeping with this philosophy, Jean-Pierre decided to increase the area of the vineyard over several years from 2 to 7 hectares. 


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