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Comte Audoin de Dampierre

Good champagne is a luxury; poor champagne, a disappointment. Why settle for second best? The quality of Count de Dampierre's champagnes is superb, their pure and vibrant taste the result of his own expert blend of wines made only from grands crus chardonnay and pinot noir grapes. 


The Count himself oversees every aspect of production. Champagne Dampierre is sold in 29 countries, but it is not mass produced. Count de Dampierre makes only 220 000 bottles a year, which means that he can guarantee that every one of them contains only the very finest champagne.


Champagne, a family tradition since 1880

It was in the 17th century that the process of producing sparkling wine was discovered, and the Dampierre family became involved at the outset. In marrying Marie Boisseau, whose family was connected with several of the well-known champagne houses, Count de Dampierre’s great grandfather cemented the family ties with the production of champagne. From 1880 he brought to the trade his savoir-faire and a quest for quality which continue today.


The constant search of perfection 

After an intensive period of study and apprenticeship, Audoin de Dampierre, wishing to revive the family tradition, founded his own champagne house. By paying particular attention to quality, he has concentrated on the blending of wines from the foremost vineyards, resulting in excellence





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