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The Devaux Champagne house has been part of the legend of Champagne since the 19th. Century. Founded in 1846 by the brothers Jules and Auguste devaux, it was then taken over by a widow, Madame Augusta Devaux, one of the famous ladies of Champagne who directed their companies with great energy and talent. Such was her influence that, on her death, it seemed quite natural to keep the name Maison Veuve A. Devaux.




Devaux is a co-operative label produced by the Union Auboise, certainly one of the most dynamic co-ops in all of France. Today the Maison Veuve A. Devaux, based in the magnificent setting of the domaine de Villeneuve, has been restored to its former glory.


There can be no great Champagne house without a great terroir, and each Devaux cuvee owes its character to the 1,400 hectares of vines located in the heart of the Cote de Bar and which produce some of the best Pinot Noir in the appellation. Here in this magnificent landscape of hills and valleys, 800 vine-growers put all their age-old skills and all their efforts into growing the grapes to a level of excellence that is worthy of a great Champagne.



Devaux Cuvee 'D' Vintage 2000

Devaux Cuvee 'D' Vintage 2000

The 2000 spent over 5 years on lees and then a further 6 months resting in the cellars before release. This is a great 2000 and fitting of the 'D' range, tiny stocks available but well ...

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