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Aube-based Drappier Champagnes are fruity, lively, and exuberant, and offer excellent value for money. The vigorous Grand Sendree cuveés are based on fruit from a single vineyard in the Aube (but one planted with both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) -

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Drappier have been producers in the Aube since Napoleonic times and they boast some magnificent twelfth-century cellars, built in 1152 by the Cistercian monks. One of the few medieval cellars left in Champagne, it was built by St Bernard to produce quality wines for the King, during a period when he was at war with the Burgundy Dukes and Bordeaux was English controlled. More recently, General de Gaulle in his retirement lived near by, and was to become a regular, valued customer. Not surprisingly they are strongly Pinot Noir influenced, as this variety has been cultivated in the area for over 800 years. The range of wines is very impressive and offer excellent value for money.


The quality of the fruit is paramount and they have adopted a number of philosophies to achieve the best possible results:


  • Organic although not certified and halted filtration in 2002.
  • The use of a membrane press utilizing water not air to handle grapes more gently.
  • The lowest levels of sulphur dioxide used • Prestige wines are stored in Troncais oak foudres of up to 25 years of age(as wood flavours are not sought)
  • Dosage is sought for roundness not sweetness, liqueur d’expedition is stored for a minimum of 10 years (can be much older) in Foudres designed by Michel Drappier. At 720gms/litre he found it was too heavy for normal


They are the only producer to ferment all wines in bottle in all formats. All sizes are available if required for that special event or occasion, allow time for shipment of fresh stock.




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