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Francoise Bedel

Francoise Bedel are one of the leading exponents of biodynamic viticulture today, with 8.4 hecatares all certified biodynamic by Ecocert. Located in the village of Crouettes-sur-Marne in the farwest of the region(only 80km from Paris).




Bedel first became involved with biodynamics when seeking a solution to her sons medical condition. She credits the homeopathic practitioner Robert Winer for changing her overview towards a biodynamic perspective. Disillusioned with the methods and practices of the family winery she wished to incorporate the philosophies of biodynamics into all aspects of her professional life.


In 1996, she met Jean-Pierre Fleury who had begun biodynamic viticulture in 1989; after tasting his wines and those from other biodynamic producers from various regions, she decided to convert 2 hectares in 1998. The following year began the conversion of the entire estate.


The wines spend an extremely long time on lees before release with the current vintage (1998) having spent 9 years on lees- these are wines that need time to grow and expand in the glass, so use your best wine glasses (not necassarily flutes) and decanting is not out of the question. Rich, vinous and pure expressions of their unique terroir.




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