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The village of Chavot is situated 4km south west of Epernay, perched high on the hill with a magnificent view of the valley. The house was founded by Jean Baptiste Laherte back in 1889. 


Thierry Laherte and his brother Christian are passionate vignerons with soils in both chalk, which is good for Chardonnay and pebbly clay which is perfect for Pinot Meunier. This little valley is only a hop away from the Cote des Blancs - and shares many similarities- but is classed as Marne Valley which means you can grow some Pinot Meunier! Since 1999 Thierry has slowly been using more and more oak barriques to add complexity and weight to his range of Champagnes. They have a great array of 8ha of vineyards (mostly old vines) spread across le Breuil, Chavot, Chouilly, Vertus, Moussy and Epernay. Also they only use reconstituted grape must-RCGM for the dosage - not sugar. Thierry is in the process of growing a biodynamic vineyard just up from the hill from the cellars. This has been planted with new grape varieties- Arbanne, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc and pinot Gris.This should prove to be a fascinating cuvee in time.




Laherte Les Empreintes ZD

Laherte Les Empreintes ZD

This is a 'nature' Cuvee, and the malolactic has been blocked. Zero dosage, this 'fingerprint' cuvee is the essence of the terroir of Chavot.
Bottle Size: 750ML
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