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Marie Courtin

"This is a breathtaking set of wines. If Moreau keeps making wines like these she will soon be one of the superstars of Champagne. Do whatever you can to taste these fabulous wines." - Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate





Production is extremely limited with 9,000 bottles of Resonance and just 6,000 bottles of Efflorescence being produced.


Dominique Moreau is a bright new talent and is fast gaining cult status and recognition. The estate was established in 2001 but the first release under the domaine name was not until 2006. Situated in the village of Polisot in the Cote des Bars, this tiny domaine is a mere 2.5 hectares. Her vision was to produce a series of single-vineyard, single-vintage, and single-varietal wines from biodynamically grown grapes that are meticulously handled and elaborated.


The estate was named after Dominque's great-grandmother Marie Courtin, who she described as a 'woman of the earth' and was found frequently working in the vineyard. All the domaine fruit is sourced from a single vineyard of massale-selection Pinot Noir, with a small amount of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc scattered throughout. The vineyard was planted in the seventies by her father-in-law and is all farmed with organic/bio-dynamic principles.


The estate currently produces two cuvees, "Resonance' and "Efflorescence", the former fermented in stainless steel while the latter in used barriques. The grapes for 'Efflorescence" tend to come from the bottom of the hill, which she says "has greater power and potential". The names have personal and spiritual significance for Dominique; 'Resonance" refers to the balancing energies of the earth and sky that affect the creation of a wine from its surrounding terroir. "Efflorescence" refers to "something that evolves in perpetuity". Starting with the evolution encouraged by the small exchange of oxygen in barrel, she believes the wine will continue to evolve and will reflect a different face at every stage of it's development in bottle. She recommends that both wines be served in traditional wine glasses to allow for greater aeration and development in the glass.



Marie Courtin Efflorescence 2007

Marie Courtin Efflorescence 2007

‘Efflorescence’ is drawn from grapes at the base of the hill- Dominique feels they have greater power and potential. The wine is raised in used Burgundy barrels for a year.
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