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About Champagne Ratings

When scoring the quality of the Champagnes we taste we use the 100 point system. Below is a guide as to how we score and should provide you with an insight as to the wine you are considering.

96-100 points
An extraordinary wine that shows true greatness. They are rare, but well worth seeking out and worthy of your attention.
90-95 points
A great wine and a classic example of its type.
86-89 points
Very good wine that is well made, and a pleasure to drink.
80-85 points
Good wine, cleanly made but perhaps a little simple. Commercial quality.
76-79 points
Average wine – acceptable at best.
70-75 points
Faulty wine, not worthy of consideration

When judging and scoring Champagne a number of quality criteria should be considered.


Where all a wines components are in complete harmony and nothing is overdone i.e. overly acidic, heavy dosage making the wine cloying, heavy handed oak usage.
Always a good indicator of quality. Does the flavour remain on the palate and linger? Or does it disappear once it has been swallowed?
Not to be confused with weight. This is about the clarity and purity of fruit.
What is sought in all great wine, an expression of place and time, that can not be replicated anywhere else.

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